Fitness Friday, yoga

Fitness Friday: Rainy Day Slow Flow Yoga

This week has been nothing but rain for the Philadelphia area and all I want to do is get on my mat and move ever so slowly. This flow is meant to do just that.  Take your time with it, find the slow dance, the pauses in between each transition and the space for your own creativity with each asana (pose).


Rainy Day Slow Flow Sequence


Cat/Cow with your own variations

Sun A x 2

Sun B x 1


Modified side plank with right knee down first

-Lift left leg and catch ankle for a heart opener

Gate Pose

Lunging half split over left leg (facing back of mat)

Low lunge with left leg forward

Standing Split (right leg lifts)

Cresent Lunge (left leg forward)

Humble Crescent Lunge


Skandasana to front of mat

-Vinyasa to other side


Supportive Butterfly Pose (hold for three – five minutes using props)

Legs up the wall





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