The poses don’t change, you do


If you practice yoga long enough, you’ll begin to feel the magic of it all.  You’ll start to stand taller and friends will start to see this new glow that surrounds you.

You’ll attribute that glow to yoga, of course, and maybe a few green drinks.

On the surface, yoga looks simple. Warrior Twos, Down Dogs and Twists.  Each vinyasa class maintaining a similar flow, with nearly similar poses.  Every time you do a vinyasa or a full Sun Salutation, it’s the same exact thing. The same exact set of poses, one after another.  It might seem like you’d never learn anything new, never be able to test yourself if you have to follow the same movement patterns every single time.  And then you realize, oh, the poses are not different but I am different each time I do the poses.

Yesterday I was feeling frustrated in my balancing poses and today I’m as unflinching as the biggest boulder.

Yoga teaches us to enter the dark corners we try to avoid.  This causes me discomfort so I’m going to go around it.  Yoga makes you go through it. Yoga teaches you to say, “I don’t like this, I’m uncomfortable, but I’m going to work through it”. That’s when the magic happens. A candle is lit in that dark corner and that glow around you is already starting to grow.


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