Daily Habits Gone Wrong

I love the idea of rituals. Habits. Daily consistency.

It keeps life organized and grounded.

But what happens when rituals go wrong? I recently took a look at my daily habits and realized I was unintentionally creating habits that did not support or contribute to my goals as a yogi/lifter or the life I want to live.

So how do you figure out what rituals support you and what rituals you need to let go of?

1.) Look at the big picture of your life. What is important to you? For me, my goal is to become a better powerlifter, to be able to lift more weight. That means that I need to train 3-4 times a week, consistently.

2.) What environment do you need internally and externally to support that goal? I need to feel energized, well nourished and motivated to train. I cannot go to bed late, eat foods that irritate my stomach or drink all night because I know that will interfere with my training.

3.) What do you find yourself doing, on a daily basis, outside of the normal necessities of life? I drink coffee daily. I try to do some form of movement daily. I check social media daily….you get the point by now I’m sure!

4.) What new habits have you found yourself doing that may not support your goal? I recently started staying in my office during my lunch break which means I barely walk at all during my 8+ hour work day and 1 hour commute each way. That’s 10+ hours of sitting. My hips are definitely screaming at me from it. And sore hips do not, in any way, support my goal of being a better powerlifter.

5.) Create a new habit to replace it. Instead of sitting at my desk for lunch, I’ll go walk around outside. This will make my hips happy, support my training, and I’m sure even improve my mental capacity each day.


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