As a yoga teacher, powerlifter and writer, my mission is to help women feel confident and strong in their bodies and mind.

My Yoga History: 

I started practicing yoga in 2010 after a car accident and 3 shoulder surgeries.  With chronic neck spasms and zero shoulder mobility, I was on a hunt for anything that would help me.  After my very first yoga class, I fell madly in love with the practice and plunged into yoga teacher training after just one year.  My training and heart is based in Ashtanga Yoga.  My sequences are known to be challenging yet accessible to all, with a deep focus on mindful movement, playful exploration and lightheartedness.  There is a root of elegance and fluidity in the movements which allows you to find confidence and lightness in your practice.

My Fitness History:

I’ve been a gym goer for my whole teenage to adult life. But I was always the girl on the treadmill never getting results.  In 2014, I had my first date with the barbell and I never looked back.  I started a powerlifting program and built strength like I never had before.  I was finally seeing muscles and was actually proud of my legs instead of being ashamed of them!  There is no other feeling quite like being able to deadlift 200+ pounds.  In April of 2017 in competed in my first powerlifting meet and the rest is history!

Things I love:

the ocean, coffee, big thighs, ashtanga yoga, reading, strong women, tequila, feminism, cupcakes, actually any kind of dessert, kettlebells, deadlifts, horseback riding, all things french and of course powerlifting.


I would love to hear from you! Email me at BrittanyRaeYoga@gmail.com

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