Put in the Work or Just Give Up

I taught yoga to a Roller Derby team once and they were the hardest working group I’d ever taught to.  Despite it being mostly all their first time doing yoga, they put in the work and they supported each other along the way.  They didn’t make excuses when their arms started shaking, they didn’t complain about not knowing what they were doing, they tried and they pushed through.  That takes a special type of grit and toughness that is hard to come by these days.

And forget about yoga, I know that team acts the same way with everything else they do in life. They have a goal and they do whatever it takes.

No excuse will stop them from doing the work it will take to achieve their goal.

That can be a really hard concept to grasp in a world where we can buy almost anything immediately.  But results, real honest results, take extreme patience, hard work, time and the ability to say “F excuses, I’m doing it anyway”.  And to be brutally honest, if putting in work isn’t for you then you might as well just give up on the dream because you’re never going to get it by only being half in.  It’s the yo-yo effect, the “I was on a diet last week but this week I have too much to do so I’ll just eat fast food and end up gaining more weight than when I started.”  Why waste your time if you’re not going to be fully committed.

Hear me out.  Whatever your goal is, you have to put in the work 100%, be all in. Day in and day out, even when you have a million other things to do, even when you’re not feeling it.  The dream has to be more important than the struggle it will take to get there.

Put in the work or just give up.

I hope you choose to put in the work because it is so worth it


2 Step Breathing Technique for Anxiety


Anxiety hits us all at the most unexpected times. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, shaking.  Some people may turn to things like food or cigarettes to cope; wine is my vice.  But I didn’t want to always have to turn to something that I would later regret.  I knew breathing helped me stay calm and focused in yoga and lifting, but when I started taking my breath off the mat is when I started to really notice a change.

Below is a simple two step pranayama exercise to do during a stressful or anxious time. Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath.

  1. Ujjayi Breath: If you practice Vinyasa yoga, chances are you already practice Ujjayi breath. It is a constriction of the muscles in the back of your throat. With your mouth closed, take a long inhale and exhale with your throat slightly constricted. This is often called the oceanic breath as it sounds like waves.
  2. Taking that a step further and adding more control, start counting your breaths. Inhale slowly for four counts, exhale slowly for four counts. Continue for as long as needed.

The great thing about this pranayama exercise is it can be done anywhere, with your eyes open or closed and for the most part no one around you will ever know you are even doing it.




What’s Your Evolution?


I love following peoples evolutions.

The moment they start something new and seeing how it ebbs and flows over the years.

Their beginning never looks as good as their now but that does not matter because they started, they began. They learned, grew and restructured.

Constantly evolving over the years.

It’s extremely easy to look at someone’s now and think you could never get there. You could never be that good. But look at their history, look at where they began, go back 3 or 5 years and realize they were not always this amazing and on point. They worked with what they had. They learned along the way and adapted.  They pushed through even when they doubted themselves, when they didn’t feel inspired, when everyone told them no, they kept at it.  They redefined their goals and what they needed to do to get there.

Where do you want to go and how will you get there?

The beginning is rarely ever pretty.

Overnight success isn’t real.

You must work at it. And stay consistent, even when you don’t want to. You must be willing to evolve, grow and change in directions you didn’t think you would ever go.

It’s you versus you.

Will you push through?

Where do you want to go and how will you get there?



How do I know if I am ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

As some of you might know, my Wild Soul Yoga Teacher Training program starts March 30th!  I am beyond excited about this and cannot wait to share all that I have learned in my yoga journey.

When multiple people ask the same questions, I know it’s time to make a post about it.

How do I know if I am ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

People take yoga trainings for so many different reasons.  The biggest reason is because they want to become a teacher. Another reason is because they simply want to deepen their practice, learn more and aren’t entirely sure if they want to teach, they are simply taking it to learn. Everyone has a different yoga journey and we are all on different paths.

This training is for you if you:

  • Want to deepen your practice (physical and spiritual)
  • Want to build confidence as a person and teacher
  • Want to teach
  • Don’t want to teach but want to learn more
  • Want to find your uniqueness
  • Want to grow, expand, evolve

But I can’t do a handstand/headstand/crow/touch my heels in down dog/etc.!!

None of this matters and none of this makes a good teacher/student. During the training, your practice will greatly deepen (physically and spiritually). What makes a good teacher is not how long she/he can hold a handstand or do some crazy pose. In fact, as a teacher, your goal is to make your students 100x better of a yogi than you!

I would love to attend but financially cannot afford it.

There is a partial scholarship available to anyone who is only being held back by financial reasons.  I never want someone to not be able to attend a program because of money. To apply for partial scholarship please click here. Deadline is March 3rd!

In short:

This program is for “everyone”. Every level of yogi! I truly believe that yoga is a journey and that journey is so different for everyone. Everyone’s practice is unique to their body, so don’t let your current limitations hold you back from expanding your practice.

As always, if you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at brittanyraeyoga@gmail.com

Much Love,