Wild Soul 2014 Day Planner

Welcome to 2014.

Not only is today, January 1st, the New Year, it is also a New Moon. Two powerful days which rarely come together. My connection to the moon is strong and I love using the energies of the moon phases to plan and organize each month.

As a gift to you, I have created a 2014 day planner.

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This is not your ordinary planner.

This is for the wild souls. The gypsies. The free spirits.

This is a goal driven planner. An opportunity to get clear about what you want in 2014 and how you can make it happen with the help of the moon phases. This is a chance to get in touch with the natural waves of nature and connect deep within it.

My hope is that you will use it, share it and make a beautiful 2014. I have put so much love into creating this. Let’s make 2014 amazing together.

To gain access to the planner, sign up here.


To gain access to the planner, sign up here.


#1 Thing You Should NOT Do This Holiday

MH900440312Before you begin your holiday cooking, I wanted to tell you something important.

Overindulging in all things tends to happen during the holidays. Sugar, butter and alcohol galore. It happens. But I’m going to be straight with you here. The number one thing you should NOT do during the holidays is worry about what you eat.

There, I said it.

Stop worrying!

The holidays are all about joy, family, love and laughter. So why feel guilty for eating three too many cookies or 1 too many eggnogs. As you know, I am all about balance. I never want to give up my cupcakes and sweets and no matter how many different “healthy versions” I try, they never taste as good as the original.

This is an invitation from me to you. To stop worrying about what you eat during the holidays. To stop stressing about the scale, the food, the overindulging because it will only make you more anxious. Part of living a soulful lifestyle, means using everything in your life as fuel. You want to surround yourself with good, positive fuel as much as you can. And I typically say that you should get that fuel from clean foods. But during the holidays your good fuel will be coming from laughter, love and the goodness of being surrounded by people who make you the radiant person that you are.

So, pretty please (with a cherry on top) have that macaroni and cheese or that piece of double chocolate cake. It’s one day. It’s not going to kill you. And being happy with your loved ones is way more important than gaining a pound.

Take a moment to leave this comment below:

“I accept your invitation to stop worrying about what I eat during the holidays”

And then tell me your favorite holiday treat!

I’ll be waiting to read!

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New Year & Moon Cycle Training (it’s free!)

January 1st marks the beginning of a New Year and a New Moon. moon

Typically, at the beginning of each year we set New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves. Goals and dreams which we hope to achieve within the year. We set them with the best intentions but by February or March they start to become forgotten and lost.  Setting goals for the whole year is important but these goals are often too big and grand and can seem impossible to achieve after a few months pass.

In order to make sure we stay committed to our yearlong goals it is important to take this bigger goal and break it down into smaller monthly goals.  When we achieve these smaller goals it makes us excited and inspired to continue to work towards the bigger goal. Think of it as winning small victories each month.

Just as the moons forces affect the tides of the ocean; it also affects our emotions and actions, after all we are made up of 80% water. When we are aware of the moon energies we can use them to our advantage in goal setting, clearing space and welcoming in new.

Join me on Monday, December 30th for a New Year & Moon Cycle Video Training (it’s free!)

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We’ll explore why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, how to set attainable goals and using the moon cycles to our advantage.

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It’s time for a new year and better you!

I am feeling so motivated today. 

I woke up this morning with my body feeling sore. A good sore. You know the kind a day after a really amazing workout? The kind that reminds you of all the hard work you put in.

I love that kind of sore. I crave it. It is what keeps me motivated to keep up with my fitness routine. 

You see, I don’t work out to lose weight. I could honestly care less about what the number on the scale is.  What I care about is feeling healthy, confident and energized.  I’m so over the days of feeling sluggish and exhausted, all I want now is energy!

Today I am inviting you to feel the same. 

10 Days to a Better You

Forget about the scale. Forget about becoming a “new you”.  Let’s focus on becoming a better you. 

It is time to allow yourself to feel confident, energized and happy.

I invite you to join the 10 Days to a Better You program

A program focused on kick starting the new year with a sense of accomplishment.  We will spend these ten days focusing on daily exercises and clean eating to fit into your everyday life.  No detoxing or dieting here. Just pure, honest fitness, food and fun. Yes, fun! Because building confidence and energy is exciting!

Find out all the details for this 10 Day program here

Let’s start the new year with a bang. Take action today!

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