How to Know if You are Doing Yoga Right?

Yoga is my life and I have spent many hours/days/years studying it.  There are so many different types of yoga but no matter what type you are doing, I have found that there are five ways to tell if you are doing yoga right.

5 Ways to know You are Doing Yoga Right

1.) You are smiling
2.) You laugh when you fall
3.) You listen to what your body needs
4.) You don’t strive for perfection
5.) You know you are doing it right because it just feels right

Groundbreaking information, right?!  🙂

Yoga is not about perfection or making sure you are getting into a pose better/deeper than the person practicing next to you.  Yoga is about compassion, happiness and peace.  So, next time you fall in balancing-half-moon or look to the person next to you to see if you are deeper than they are in warrior 2, take a moment to come back to yourself.  Are you doing yoga right? Are you happy? Are you openhearted? Are you smiling?


10 Reason Why I Detox Seasonally

1.) Energy

It seems that with each change of season on comes the colds, allergies and exhaustion. By eating clean, practicing yoga and meditation, I am able to gain my energy back and kick that exhaustion to the curb.

2.) To remove any toxins I’ve created from eating processed and sugar filled foods

Wheat, dairy, sugar, fast food, red meat…we all know it’s not good for us yet they are just SO HARD to resist (thanks to scientists who make them irresistible, read Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss). Sometimes I wish I didn’t love baking so much, but it is a hobby and I will never be able to give up cupcakes so detoxing helps me remove some of the sugar and toxic foods I’ve digested during my baking filled days.

3.) To find peace and calm

When I detox, I meal prep which saves a huge amount of time in the long run. I’m not rushing in to the morning to get my meals ready for work because my breakfast and lunch are already made thanks to meal prepping. One less thing to worry about.

4.) To find a sense of self-worth

As humans, even more as women, we put ourselves down daily, hourly! During the detox week you feel so amazing about what you are doing for yourself it is so hard to put yourself down. In fact, you’ll be struttin’ your stuff from feeling so amazing. Work it girl!

5.) To lose a few pounds and feel lighter

Back to the whole cupcake thing — they certainly do not make me feel light, at all. Eating a week’s worth of clean, nutritious foods makes me feel full, nourished and light! Buh Bye bloating! See you never.

6.) To let go of things I don’t need in my life (mentally and physically)

Through meditation, yoga and journaling, stuff will start to brew. Emotions will rise and come to the surface. This is the PERFECT time to scrape those emotions away and start fresh. To heal through them and grow. Transformation is amazing.

7.) To test my willpower (ohhh yess)

Temptations are all around. And I have like zero willpower, which is why I need a solid plan covering ALL aspects. When I follow a plan exactly, I am setting myself up for success!

8.) To help with breakouts and skin issues

We all want that GLOW. Wheat, dairy and sugar are so harsh for your skin. They cause major breakouts, overly oily or overly dry skin and rashes. When you eat a clean diet your skin will glow, shine and sparkle!

9.) Awareness

I am most aware of how much toxins I have taken during the first 2 days of the detox. Headaches are all to common during the first two days as your body goes through sugar and caffeine withdrawals. Day three you’ll feel amazing and you will really become aware of what those nasty things do to your body.

10.) Happiness

When we are energized, eating clean, active, glowing and aware we naturally become HAPPY! Day four and five you will be high-fiveing anyone who comes your way. I always feel so proud of what I have accomplished and I just want everyone else to feel the same way! It’s contagious.

Interested in doing a detox? Check out the 3 Day Soul Cleanse!


5 Steps to Start a Sadhana

A Sadhana is a practice of connecting you to your intention and purpose – in a focused and mindful way.  In short, it is a daily personal practice or ritual, typically done first thing in the morning, which can sometimes include meditation, yoga, pranayama and anything else you would like to add to it.

People tend to be turned off from Sadhana for (1) not wanting to wake up early and (2) they have no idea what it really is.  Here are 5 ways to bring a Sadhana into your life, easy and (almost) effortless!

1.) Create a space – this is key!  You’ll want to find a quiet space to practice your Sadhana.  This could be a small corner in your room or a large open space, work with whatever you have.  In that space, you’ll want to make an altar.  This can consist of one or multiple things that you love.  Flowers, candles, pictures of loved ones, post-it notes with powerful sayings, etc.  Make this a space that you want to go to and will feel comfortable in.

2.) Plan – before you begin, get clear about what you’ll want to do during your Sadhana and how long it will take you.  I encourage you to start with meditation, move to pranayama and end with yoga.

3.) Go to bed earlier – Because you’ll be getting up 10-30 minutes earlier, make sure to go to sleep earlier the night before.

4.) Make a commitment – As much as you’ll want to hit snooze, stay committed.  Tell your family that you are doing this and encourage them to respect your Sadhana time.  If you happen to miss a day, no biggie.  Just make sure to start again the next day.  Remember, this is a continuous practice, so relax and enjoy!

5.) Morning vs Night – If you know that there is no possible way that you will be able to do this in the morning than make your Sadhana a nighttime thing.  Work it around YOUR schedule.

This is just a broad over view of how to start a Sadhana.  If you are looking for a more in depth learning experience I invite you to join this 40 Day Virtual Sadhana Community!