6 Steps to a SOULful Life


1.) Warm Citrus Water @ Rise and Shine — not only is this AMAZING for your skin, it will also help detox and replenish your body.  So, as soon as you get up in the morning, before you do anything, head to the kitchen and make yourself a mug of warm water with 1-3 slices of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.  Extra bonus if you drink this all day long.

2.) Walk, move your body! — I know it’s still chilly out but if you can manage to walk 30 minutes a day you’ll feel more energized and happy.  If you find walking a struggle try 10 minutes and then add a minute a day.  Start where you need to, it’s SO important to listen to your body and your own needs.

3.) Eat your greens — kale, spinach, dark greens are so detoxing.  Throw them in your smoothies, salads, veggies.

4.) Good night’s rest — We often take sleep for granted but it is really important.  Everyone has a different amount of sleep needed so take time to test it out and see how many hours you need to feel rested.  I know I need at least 9 hours, which is a lot.  If I don’t get 9 hours I am cranky, moody and exhausted the next day.  The Bachelor can wait, your well-being is so much more important.  Sleep well my friends.

5.) Journaling — I was so drawn away from journaling in the beginning.  It made me feel like a 12-year-old.  UNTIL I started using it the proper way.  There are a wide variety of different journaling techniques but I found this one to be perfect for me starting out.  At the beginning of each day, write down what your daily goals are, what you’d like to accomplish and how you’d like to feel.  At the end of each day, go over your morning writing and then see what you were able to achieve and what you might need to work out.  Eventually, we will start to see a pattern in things we can easily accomplish and things that we keep pushing off to the side and never get it done.

6.) Be kind to yourself.  Say goodbye to any negative, harsh words you tell yourself and flip them around.  For example, if you constantly tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’ll start to believe and act like it.  Flip it around by telling yourself You ARE good enough.  Anytime a negative thought creeps it, flip it around right away.  Take a stand for yourself and be kind.