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bonjour beautiful: don’t sweat it


You’ll never believe what happened to me!

Monday, I took the day off and spent it at the beach.  It was amazing and wonderful. The weather was perfect, the ocean temperature was dreamy, oh it was just delightful.

Except one small, teeny, tiny thing.

The whole beach saw my lady parts.


I mentioned the water temperature was dreamy. It was.  But the waves, not so much, unless I was surfing but I was just simply going for a dip in the sea. And my bikini bottom decided it wanted to try to take a dip in the sea without me.

And there I am standing in front my fellow beach goers….exposed.

For a moment I was mortified.  But then I nervously laughed and realized what the heck, it’s not that big of a deal, it was quite humorous honestly.

So what a perfect theme for this week is to not sweat the small stuff.  Who cares if the whole beach see’s your lady parts?!  Laugh it off and go on with your day. Who cares if you fall in front of a large crowd?! Laugh it off and go on with your day.  Whatever your moment of being mortified might be, laugh it off and go on with your day.


Lots of Love,

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week in review

photo 1w photo 2w photo 3w

Two at home yoga practices

Went to the gym 4 times

Finished the first month of 531 Weightlifting Program

Went fishing on a charter boat

Watched many episodes of Entourage

Started reading The Gods of Tango by Carolina de Robertis

Wrote asana breakdown: wide leg forward fold

lifestyle, Week in Review

Week in Review

photo 41

photo 31

photo 12

photo 2

photo 1

Wrote the first week of Bonjour Beautiful

Took a dip in the pool

Read “That Part Was True” by Deborah McKinlay

Witnessed a plane that landed in the middle of route 72 on the way to the beach (what a surprise!)

Sunbathed at the beach and swam in the sea

Delighted with my new frother, a gift from my fiancé

Wrote asana breakdown: arm balance gaze

Taught one private yoga class

Went to the gym 2 times

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asana breakdown: arm balance gaze

@Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga

I have so much fun with arm balances. Even if I fall ten times trying to get into something, it’s always fun to keep playing.

Eye gaze in arm balances are pretty important. 

When starting out or even when you’re tired and exhausted, the tendency is to start to look straight down or even towards your belly button.  What happens when you look down? You fall down.

In arm balances, your gaze should always be looking forward, about six inches to a foot is the general rule of thumb, however pick a natural comfortable distance for yourself.  By looking forward you will keep your shoulders up, the weight forward in your hands and length in your spine.  All which will help with stability and balance.

@Moonshine Power Yoga
@Moonshine Power Yoga

Give it a try in a few different arm balances and let me know if you notice a difference!

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asana breakdown: Warrior One — Knee Position

During my first year of practicing yoga I struggled with Warrior One.  It always felt so uncomfortable for me and took some solid time adjusting and tweaking my stance before I felt comfortable in Warrior One.  Today, it is one of my favorite poses.

Something I see often on fake yoga commercials (you know the ones I’m talking about) the model yogi will have their knee of the front leg going way past their ankle causing almost a 30 degree angle in their front leg. Ouch.  The ideal angle is 90 degrees.

When the knee goes past the ankle it causes overextension which could lead to serious injury and pain.  The knee of the front leg should never go past the ankle.  They should be stacked in a line equally supporting each other.  If someone looked at you from the side, your shin would be straight.

The knee of the front leg should be directly on top of the ankle like this:


Overextension mostly happens when the yogi is not taking up enough space on their mat and they have their feet too close together.  If you find yourself in that position, step your front foot up more and root down in the front heel.