One Day Reset

After a weekend of not so good eating I always feel like I need to hit a reset button.  A pause, to refuel myself with foods that nourish, energize and make me feel really good from the inside out.
With that in mind, I’ve created a One Day Reset Guide + Recipes and wanted to share it with you!

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10 Reason Why I Detox Seasonally

1.) Energy

It seems that with each change of season on comes the colds, allergies and exhaustion. By eating clean, practicing yoga and meditation, I am able to gain my energy back and kick that exhaustion to the curb.

2.) To remove any toxins I’ve created from eating processed and sugar filled foods

Wheat, dairy, sugar, fast food, red meat…we all know it’s not good for us yet they are just SO HARD to resist (thanks to scientists who make them irresistible, read Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss). Sometimes I wish I didn’t love baking so much, but it is a hobby and I will never be able to give up cupcakes so detoxing helps me remove some of the sugar and toxic foods I’ve digested during my baking filled days.

3.) To find peace and calm

When I detox, I meal prep which saves a huge amount of time in the long run. I’m not rushing in to the morning to get my meals ready for work because my breakfast and lunch are already made thanks to meal prepping. One less thing to worry about.

4.) To find a sense of self-worth

As humans, even more as women, we put ourselves down daily, hourly! During the detox week you feel so amazing about what you are doing for yourself it is so hard to put yourself down. In fact, you’ll be struttin’ your stuff from feeling so amazing. Work it girl!

5.) To lose a few pounds and feel lighter

Back to the whole cupcake thing — they certainly do not make me feel light, at all. Eating a week’s worth of clean, nutritious foods makes me feel full, nourished and light! Buh Bye bloating! See you never.

6.) To let go of things I don’t need in my life (mentally and physically)

Through meditation, yoga and journaling, stuff will start to brew. Emotions will rise and come to the surface. This is the PERFECT time to scrape those emotions away and start fresh. To heal through them and grow. Transformation is amazing.

7.) To test my willpower (ohhh yess)

Temptations are all around. And I have like zero willpower, which is why I need a solid plan covering ALL aspects. When I follow a plan exactly, I am setting myself up for success!

8.) To help with breakouts and skin issues

We all want that GLOW. Wheat, dairy and sugar are so harsh for your skin. They cause major breakouts, overly oily or overly dry skin and rashes. When you eat a clean diet your skin will glow, shine and sparkle!

9.) Awareness

I am most aware of how much toxins I have taken during the first 2 days of the detox. Headaches are all to common during the first two days as your body goes through sugar and caffeine withdrawals. Day three you’ll feel amazing and you will really become aware of what those nasty things do to your body.

10.) Happiness

When we are energized, eating clean, active, glowing and aware we naturally become HAPPY! Day four and five you will be high-fiveing anyone who comes your way. I always feel so proud of what I have accomplished and I just want everyone else to feel the same way! It’s contagious.

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beSOULful Detox – Yogi Highlight – Jackie Aubrey

I am thrilled to interview Jackie Aubrey, a wonderful beSOULful yogi who participated in the March Detox E-Course!

Jackie Aubrey

I am a mom of two very active loveable boys and a wife to a great guy for over 8 years. I’m a former 3rd grade special education teacher and lucky enough to now be a stay at home mom. Yoga is a new obsession of mine and each day shows improvement in where I hope to be one day!

IMG_0220 (2)

Why did you sign up for the detox?

I signed up for the detox with a small group of friends hoping, honestly, to just lose some weight and feel better physically.

How did you overcome the usual ‘I don’t have time to eat healthy’ dilemma?

I overcame the “I don’t have time to eat healthy” by making it a fun girls detox prep night.  Four of us corresponded during the week and divvied up some of the item we would need i.e., fruits, veggies, protein powder etc.  We then took our menu and assigned certain soups, salads etc. to each person and the Sunday before the detox got together and prepped and packaged any meals salads etc. we could for the week. One thing that helped all of us immensely was zip locking and freezing our shakes for the week that Sunday night. We measured out our spinach/kale added frozen bananas or frozen fruit and just wrote in sharpie what we needed to add in the morning, ie. 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice, 1 scoop of protein powder, etc. Planning and preparing made the week seamless and really enjoyable.

What were some of the top things you gained from doing the detox? What were your favorite parts?

I got a lot more out of the detox then I thought I was going to. Not only did I lose 5 lbs. but I really saw how eating clean and living a more soulful lifestyle benefits my kids, my husband and myself.

What were you surprised about?

I was surprised how much I enjoyed journaling and meditation. I have taken the morning Sadhana and made it a part of daily routine and really have enjoyed the energy it gives me throughout my day and my kids have enjoyed my happier demeanor in the morning hahaha. Starting the detox I never thought that it would be more than just “an extreme diet” and I really did take much more than the eating aspect from it.

How was your overall experience?

My overall experience was really positive. Going into the detox I was fairly negative, thinking I was going to be sooo hungry and miserable and I wasn’t! I was more than satisfied with the meals and snacks and I felt so great during and after it really was a great experience.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Anyone considering this I would say goes into not just with the “diet/losing weight” mindset. Really give the other practices Brittany offers a try. A lot of people say they don’t have time to meditate or journal but it could really be as easy as 15 minutes to yourself for yourself that could make your detox exceptional. A detox pal is a great way to go or take to FB and chat with others partaking in the detox any support will make all the difference in getting the most out of your week in my opinion.

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