How Yoga Changes You


IMG_5718Recently I’ve become more aware of the journey of yoga students from the first class they ever take to their current class years later.  I’m in awe of the vast journey that they have gone through and how much they have changed over the course of their practice.  Here are three big ways that yoga changes you.

More Good, Less Bad

At this point we all know how good yoga is for us.  When we start to add good into our lives, we naturally let the bad fall out.  You might not even realize it happening.  It might start little by little with food choices. You took a yoga class, you’re feeling good and have that glow about you, now what will you have for lunch? You’re normal burger will make you feel down and tired so you opt for something more nutrient dense and green because you know that will keep your post yoga glow going strong.  You’ll start to notice the things in your life that make you feel good and the things that cause you pain.  As you become more aware of each, you’ll be more inclined to keep the good and clear the bad.


A good yoga studio will have a thriving, supportive community that surrounds it.  I’ve made so many friends from yoga and we’ve got each other’s backs.  If you’re new to yoga or a studio, make new friends and become a part of that community.  Not only will it will hold you accountable to stay consistent with your practice, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who only want to see you grow.  Plus it’s pretty amazing to be able to talk to someone about the joys of Ayurveda or how you flew your first ever bakasana and have them totally understand what you’re talking about.


Yoga will 100% build your confidence.  On a physical level, you’ll start to feel more graceful, stand a little taller and become more aware of you posture.  You’ll feel less stiff and will move with more ease and lightness.  Mentally, you’ll feel powerful in your own skin. You’ll become proud of who you are as an individual and the unique qualities only you have.  You’ll understand your breath and how you can use it to your advantage.  Your skin will look better (see number one) and you will remove the negative from your life leaving you to feel like the superwomen you always knew you were.


Soul Challenge for You

I have a challenge for you.sun

It’s a soul challenge.

It’s a challenge to find more connection, more tranquility, more pureness.

I need your commitment at this moment. So take a deep breath and say yes. It’s not your typical challenge, though the prize is worth more than you might ever dream of. The prize is awareness. It’s connection with the earth, with nature, with your loved ones. It’s peace and tranquility and unimaginable serenity. It’s the root of pure.

I challenge you to step away from your phone, from the internet, from the television and computer. Spend some good quality time just taking in the world through your very own eyes. There are amazing things we are missing, there are loved ones we are ignoring and there is pure sweetness in every breath that we are not even conscious of. See your world through your own eyes. Leave some memories that only you and the people you are with know about.

Can you do that?

Can you spend part of your day with pure, soul feeding connection to whoever you are with, even if you are with yourself? Everything else can wait. Everything else will be there for you when you are ready to go back to it. I promise.

Much Love,





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