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This week is all about movement.  Physical movement. dfa3bef7-19c4-4faf-be5d-076aaf3fa3a6

If you’re anything like me, I spend the majority of my day sitting and o-m-g my hips hate me.  It’s ultra important for me to find movement when I’m not sitting at my desk so my hips get some relief.

Besides saving my hips, movement for me is magical. It’s connection to my thoughts, a big stress reliever and a huge confidence builder.  But quite frankly I used to hate movement because I thought it meant just going to the gym and running on the treadmill.  Not my idea of fun.  Once I broke the treadmill dread and learned that there are so many other ways of finding movement my life quite literally changed for the better.

A good movement will give you energy, excitement, confidence, push you to your limits in all aspects and allow you to grow and build.  This week, take some time to explore and play with new movement. Things you’ve never done before and even things you might have thought you hated.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Ballroom Dance
Hip Hop Dance
Boot Camp
Trampoline Parks
Rock Climbing
Martial Arts

Use the hashtag #bonjourbeautiful to show us your movement!

p.s. the above picture is of me doing the chacha, in front of people. I am a former dance hater and tried ballroom dancing as a courage project and fell in love with it!  Another push to try something you think you won’t like 🙂


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week in review

photo 1w photo 2w photo 3w

Two at home yoga practices

Went to the gym 4 times

Finished the first month of 531 Weightlifting Program

Went fishing on a charter boat

Watched many episodes of Entourage

Started reading The Gods of Tango by Carolina de Robertis

Wrote asana breakdown: wide leg forward fold


Things I Learned in 2014

I know it’s not over yet, but I couldn’t help to reminisce and share 🙂

Less is more.
As in clothing. Only buy what you absolutely love and look’s great on you. Not that shirt that looks ok and you might wear once in the next two years. I’m all about the French ideals of the 10 piece wardrobe. I might not go that far, 10 pieces seems very unrealistic for me, but I’ve dramatically cut back.

Just start!
Worrying about what might happen is a complete waste of time. Just do it. Just start. Somehow make it work. Go to the blank canvas without expectations, without caring if things get messy and without worrying if the end result is ugly. Just start.

Drink the coffee.  So what if your friend’s yoga teacher’s holistic nutrition coach says coffee is bad for you. I give you permission to drink it, because it’s damn good and you like it. And you cannot imagine your morning without it. Only say no to coffee when you’re on a cleanse, the rest of the month go for it if you wanna!


Speaking of coffee….Mornings can be delightful.
I’ve spent nearly my whole life dreading mornings. Now, I don’t mind them at all and in fact quite enjoy my little morning rituals.  I’ve even created a no-filler, to the point guide for everyone to find magical mornings.

Taking on new hobbies is confidence boosting. 
Like dancing.  
Learning to ballroom dance has had a tremendous impact on my life. I adore ballroom dance now and am looking forward to learning the art of the Argentine Tango in the future! I hope to spend the rest of my life dancing.


No matter what you fear the outcome might be, if you aren’t voicing your feelings (1) no one will know and nothing will change (2) you’ll be doing more harm than good. Speak your truth.

I love the summer. My whole life I’ve spent in love with winter but this year I am finding the winter too harsh for my skin and bones.  I spent my summer weekends soaking up the salt air at the beach as much as my schedule allowed for it and I loved every second of it.

Treat everything like an experiment so you can never fail, you can only revise and re-try!

During my time in Nicaragua I really learned to waste less.  They didn’t have the means to buy a new chair the day theirs broke, they would fix it themselves. They didn’t have a trash truck coming to their house each week, they had to burn it. Everything was fixed, reused, repurposed or burned in the village we stayed in.


Pursue what excites you. It seems silly and like DUH, but I don’t think I really got it until this year. The things that give me energy, make my heart beat faster, those are the things I need to be doing more of in my life.

It’s ok to say no to an event. If you don’t want to go to something, then don’t! Why suffer through it. Do what you want to do.

Finding your personal style is fun.  I’ve never been into fashion at all. I’m the type that will be 5 of the same shirt in different shades of black and grey. But this year, more so this month, I’ve been reading more about fashion and trying to find my own unique style. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting closer to 30 or perhaps it’s because I’m ready for a change but fashion is actually fun.

What did you learn this year?  Make a list and feel free to share! It can be enjoyable to go back through the year and reminisce some big aha moments.