Yoga Brat

I’ve become such a yoga brat.


So particular as to what teacher I take and what studio I go to. A darn snob I am.


You know what happens when you’re a yoga brat? No yoga! Because nothing will satisfy your 100 page checklist of requirements for the teacher and studio to meet. In fact those requirements don’t even exist they are so dang demanding.

And naturally, today my neck is starting to act up from lack of yoga so I did what I always do. Google all local studios within 30 minutes of me. I already know what they are but I like to see them all on one page. Then I look at each studios schedule and if there is an exact time slot I like (6:30pm) I then browse over to see who the teacher is. At that point I spend a large amount of time stalking this unknown-to-me teacher online via social media to see if she/he meets my absurd requirements. If the studio does not have my preferred timeslot or preferred class style, I send a rant email to my bff as if the studio should be able to read my mind and know what I want that particular day at that particular time.

So yoga, right? So relaxing. So go with the flow. 😉

But tonight, I am putting my yoga brat to the curb. I am going to a studio I have never been to before, to a teacher I’ve never heard of and I am not doing any social media stalking of them.

Because my body is screaming for yoga.

Because I realize I have become way too irrational about what classes I take.

And because after all it’s just a yoga class, not a 401k plan or home I am purchasing.

Its 90 much needed minutes.

So to all my fellow yoga brats out there, check yo self and get to yoga.



It’s time for a new year and better you!

I am feeling so motivated today. 

I woke up this morning with my body feeling sore. A good sore. You know the kind a day after a really amazing workout? The kind that reminds you of all the hard work you put in.

I love that kind of sore. I crave it. It is what keeps me motivated to keep up with my fitness routine. 

You see, I don’t work out to lose weight. I could honestly care less about what the number on the scale is.  What I care about is feeling healthy, confident and energized.  I’m so over the days of feeling sluggish and exhausted, all I want now is energy!

Today I am inviting you to feel the same. 

10 Days to a Better You

Forget about the scale. Forget about becoming a “new you”.  Let’s focus on becoming a better you. 

It is time to allow yourself to feel confident, energized and happy.

I invite you to join the 10 Days to a Better You program

A program focused on kick starting the new year with a sense of accomplishment.  We will spend these ten days focusing on daily exercises and clean eating to fit into your everyday life.  No detoxing or dieting here. Just pure, honest fitness, food and fun. Yes, fun! Because building confidence and energy is exciting!

Find out all the details for this 10 Day program here

Let’s start the new year with a bang. Take action today!

Know someone who could use some inspiration and energy? Forward this to them!


My Story

I became passionate about detoxing but it wasn’t a stroll in the park.

I hit a wall in my life…more like I hit the couch… Stressed, overweight, under nourished and in need of a major life re-vamp.  I had just had two back-to-back shoulder surgeries, was out of work (Bored!), and unable to be active so I turned to baking and cooking AND eating.  Fast food, nachos, burgers, the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen kind of foods.  I gained 30 pounds, had absolute horrible acne and felt depressed, bored, irritable and just plain “blah”.  I started yoga after my shoulder surgeries to help ease the pain (which it did) but I also learned more about my SOUL and what it was actually craving (physically and mentally).  I knew I needed to change because I couldn’t deal with gaining one more pound!  I was also pretty exhausted, tired and wanted energy and passion.

I browsed through yoga websites daily and started teaching myself how to eat properly.  I learned what kale was, how to make yummy green smoothies and that beets are actually pretty darn delish!  As I started walking (running) towards a more clean diet the weight started coming off and my energy started rising.


Blah to SOULful

What really pushed me over the kale loving edge was when I stumbled my way into a three-day detox.  L-O-V-E at first glance.  I learned a lot from the detox, about myself, my eating habits and how to bring what I learned into my everyday lifestyle.  When people think detox or cleanse, they tend to think of removing but that is not the case AT ALL.  It’s a simple formula really.  Subtract the evil, add the wonderful.  Think nourish not strip. My detox started with food and each time I detoxed I added more of my own wellness ideas and tips into it which made my experience a total wellness detox — mind, body and SOUL.  This was important for me, I needed the WHOLE PACKAGE.

Today, I am proud to say I have lost over 25 pounds!  Not only have I lost weight, I am more energized, focused, confident and HAPPY.  I have completed several 5k’s, a 10 mile Broad Street Run and a sprint Triathlon, all while enjoying cupcake every now and then.  I was able to find balance (had to find balance) because I never want to give up the comfort foods that I do enjoy.

My goal is to help EVERYONE find their perfect balance.  Achieve their greatest goals.  Feel confident, happy and PROUD of who they are and to realize that a healthy life is all about finding balance in the mind, body and SOUL.

To learn more about the 21 Day be SOULful Program head over HERE