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Fitness Friday: Quick Power Yoga Sequence

Short on time but still want to kick it up a notch?  Try this Quick Power Yoga Sequence.


Move through these asanas mindfully but quickly.  Focus on opening your heart and moving from your core.


  • Childs Pose
  • Down Dog
  • Sun A x 3
  • Sun B x 3

  • Crescent Lunge
  • Crescent Lunge Twist
  • Warrior 2
  • Balancing Half Moon
    •   Vinyasa to other sid
  • Pyramid
  • Revolved Triangle
  • Revolved Balancing Half Moon
    •   Vinyasa to other side
  • Eagle
  • Bridge
  • Shoulderstand
  • Frog Pose


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Fitness Friday: Lower Body Dumbbell Complex

I have a slight obsession with lower body exercises and complexes. When I can combine the two, I get a little giddy inside.  Complexes are perfect for building muscle and decreasing fat in a short amount of time.  You’ll do the below exercises back to back with 30-60 seconds rest before starting another round.  Move fast but don’t forget to keep good form here.

  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Romanian Deadlifts
  • 10 Curtsey Lunges (each leg)
  • 10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)
  • 10 Bridges with dumbbell on stomach (hold for 2 seconds at the top)

*Repeat for another 2-3 times with 60 seconds rest in between each round.

Another fun way to do complexes is to start with 10 reps and each round drop a rep. For example Round 1: complete all exercises at 10 Reps. Round 2: complete all at 9 reps.  You’ll work your way all the way down to one rep, with 60 seconds rest in between each round.




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Fitness Friday: 5 Exercises That Make You Feel Badass AF

You know the scene of any action movie after a huge explosion, and the main character walks away with just a little sweat, maybe a scrape under their eye, some dust on their shirt, but their hair still on point. They are feeling Badass AF.  That’s how these exercises below make you feel. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit but in all seriousness you’ll feel straight up strong.

Farmer Carries

I just started doing these to help build up my grip and forearm strength but dang these are awesome. Grab heavy dumbbells or kettlebells in each hand, pull your shoulders down your back and have a nice strong posture and just walk.  Seems easy but soon your forearms will start screaming and your fingers will start slipping.  For me, as someone who holds all of my stress in my shoulders and traps, this feels amazing with the weight pulling my shoulders down.  So go grab something heavy and get to walkin’!


Skull Crushers

If the name doesn’t make you feel badass enough, after your done these you’ll walk around feeling big AF. You know those people who hold their arms out way too wide because they think their muscles are gigantic? That will be you in the best way possible.


Kettlebell Snatch

There is something so powerful about snatching some heavy weight from the ground to above your head. At first glance it seems so easy, but at a deeper look, there are so many specifics and tiny details to getting the snatch down. And that is what makes this badass AF.  It’s all in the details.


Renegade Rows

So you’re in plank, which can be challenging all in itself, and then your lifting a dumbbell or kettlebell up with one hand in a row position. This is ninja warrior level badassness.  Core strength, upper body strength, mental focus, balance…it’s all there.


I saved the best for last. Deadlifts are the ultimate badass exercise.  Nothing feels as badass as being able to lift a bunch of weight with such precision as the deadlift allows.  And quite frankly, if you’re a girl and you go to a typical commercial gym, you’ll surprise the hell out of high school boys who think girls can’t lift heavy.


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Fitness Friday – Full Moon Yoga Flow

Today marks the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. During this time, you might feel more creative, intuitive and soulful.  The full moon is the perfect time for celebration and also letting go of things that did not work in the past.  Releasing any attachments along the way.  Here is a quick Full Moon Yoga Flow you can do to spark your inner creativity.  Enjoy and Happy Full Moon!


 Start with

3 Sun Salutation A’s

2 Sun Salutation B’s

Flow One

(start with right leg forward)

Crescent Lunge with heart opener

Humble Crescent Lunge

Warrior Two

Extended Side Angle

Skandasana to Back

-Vinyasa to other side

Flow Two

Kneeling Crescent Lunge with heart opener

Standing Split

Balancing Half Moon

Reverse Warrior


-Vinyasa to other side


Wheel x 3

Legs up the wall




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You can do anything for 1 minute.

Today’s post is short and sweet. But also extremely powerful.

It’s a simple mantra to use when you’re doing anything that is a struggle. Anything you just want to give up on.

I can do anything for 5 breaths.

I can do anything for 30 Minutes.

I can do anything for an hour.

For me it started with yoga. I would be in warrior two and the burn would start to set in.  Most of the time you are only in a pose for about 5 breaths. So I started telling myself, I can do anything for 5 breaths.  It’s only 5 breaths.  That is nothing in a lifetime.  Just 5 breaths.

Then it transitioned to lifting. I can do anything for 15 reps.  It’s only 15 reps.

Then cardio. I can do anything for 30 minutes.  What’s 30 minutes in a lifetime.  Nothing.  I can do 30 minutes.

It’s a simple mindset change. A way of seeing the bigger picture.  What’s 5 breaths?  What’s 30 Minutes?  What’s an hour compared to a lifetime?  Nothing.

So next time you find yourself struggling on your mat, in the gym, at an interview, giving a presentation, remind yourself it’s just a tiny spec of your life. It’s just 1 minute. You can do anything for 1 minute.