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bonjour beautiful: Preparing for Tomorrow

How many times do you catch yourself saying “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow.”?

I’m a recovering IDTT’er (I’ll do that tomorrow’er). 

From getting gas to doing the dishes to putting way laundry, it’s always going to be done “tomorrow”.

The problem with IDTT is that it is not preparing your future (tomorrow) for success.  Unexpected casualties arise every single day.  When you think you’ll have time for something tomorrow, boom a minor disaster happens and now you are stressing trying to get everything done.

You’re driving home from work, stuck in traffic after a long, crazy day and you know you need gas in order to get to work tomorrow.  A classic IDTT’er will tell themselves they can get gas in the morning on the way to work. No problemo.  Then morning comes and you spill your green smoothie all over the floor and have to spend 20 minutes cleaning it up.  Now your short on time, need a new breakfast option and still have to get gas.  Hello stress.

Thankfully, IDTT recovery is possible with daily strategy implementation 🙂

Every evening, perhaps on your drive home from work, create a mental list of everything you can do that night to help make tomorrow run smoother.  Get gas, pre-make your breakfast or lunch, plan your wardrobe and iron your clothes, pre-pack your yoga/gym clothes. The more you can get done the night before the better your day will go.

It’s all about setting yourself up for success. 


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Week in Review

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Wrote the first week of Bonjour Beautiful

Took a dip in the pool

Read “That Part Was True” by Deborah McKinlay

Witnessed a plane that landed in the middle of route 72 on the way to the beach (what a surprise!)

Sunbathed at the beach and swam in the sea

Delighted with my new frother, a gift from my fiancé

Wrote asana breakdown: arm balance gaze

Taught one private yoga class

Went to the gym 2 times

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bonjour beautiful: simple luxury

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Welcome to the first letter of bonjour beautiful.

This week is all about luxury, simple luxury.  It’s about finding little ways to bring richness and rarity into your life when you’re feeling least luxurious.

For me two of these simple luxuries are my L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream and my Smith’s Rosebud Lip gloss.  Simple, right?

I keep both of these in my desk at work.  Anytime I need a break, a sense of enjoyment, a brief moment of luxury I turn around, open my drawer and break out these two simple joys.  I soak up the scent and the richness of the L’Occitaine Hand Cream and the Rosebud Lip Gloss instantly gives a perk.  It’s one minute of delight that makes my least luxurious moments feel filled with luxury.

Now it’s your turn. What makes you feel luxurious and rich?  It does not have to be a product it could be as simple as adding cucumber to your water glass or a post it note with your favorite inspiring quote that takes you someplace else if only for a moment.  Whatever it is, take this week to start to make it a daily habit when you need a sense of luxury to allow yourself the 5 minutes to do just that, whatever that is for you!

Take a picture of your simple luxury and post to the bonjour beautiful community on all social media platforms with the hashtag #bonjourbeautiful

Happy Monday and have a lovely week,

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asana breakdown: Warrior One — Knee Position

During my first year of practicing yoga I struggled with Warrior One.  It always felt so uncomfortable for me and took some solid time adjusting and tweaking my stance before I felt comfortable in Warrior One.  Today, it is one of my favorite poses.

Something I see often on fake yoga commercials (you know the ones I’m talking about) the model yogi will have their knee of the front leg going way past their ankle causing almost a 30 degree angle in their front leg. Ouch.  The ideal angle is 90 degrees.

When the knee goes past the ankle it causes overextension which could lead to serious injury and pain.  The knee of the front leg should never go past the ankle.  They should be stacked in a line equally supporting each other.  If someone looked at you from the side, your shin would be straight.

The knee of the front leg should be directly on top of the ankle like this:


Overextension mostly happens when the yogi is not taking up enough space on their mat and they have their feet too close together.  If you find yourself in that position, step your front foot up more and root down in the front heel.

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over coffee project: kim oberg



What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no “typical” day in my life at this point – just the way I like it.  Upcycle opened a little over 3 weeks ago and getting a feel for the day to day is definitely going to be an ongoing process.  I not only own the studio, but right now I manage it, do all of our marketing, run the front desk and teach 8 classes a week.  Here’s what today looks like (it’s a long one):

  • 5:10am – alarm goes off; snooze.
  • 5:20am – snooze.
  • 5:30am – roll out of bed, throw some clothes on, wash my face, brush my hair, head downstairs to the studio to greet Christine, my instructor, and riders as they trickle in for the 6am class.
  • 6am – head back upstairs to snuggle back up with my boyfriend and our dogs for one more hour before we have to start our days (for real this time)
  • 7:30am – kiss Jake goodbye & head out for my morning walk with Zoe. We walk to the local coffee shop a few blocks away where I grab a latte and Zoe gets a treat (which she’ll carry around and hide in the apartment all day)
  • 8am – test out my new class playlist while making breakfast (if I can dance to it, I can spin to it)
  • 8:45am – back down to the studio to greet the 9am riders
  • 9am – teach! climb, sprint, sweat, repeat.
  • 10:15am – Clean the studio, set up for the noon class. Approve payroll, pay bills, update budgets and expenses.
  • 11:45am – Brandi, another one of my fabulous instructors, arrives to teach the noon class.  We greet the riders. I take Zoe out for walk #2 while Brandi kicks ass for 45 minutes.
  • 1pm to 4pm – “office work” time at the front desk – i finalize a merchandise order, finish planning a spin & yoga workshop for July, work on creating some graphics for our Facebook & Instagram, take inventory of cleaning supplies.  I scroll through Facebook aimlessly for about 10 minutes before I realize I’m wasting time and need to focus.  I vacuum and mop the studio while listening to my playlist for my 6pm class.
  • 4pm – 20-30 minute power nap. Without these, I would not survive.
  • 6pm – gears & beers! I teach a 60 minute class and then we hang out and drink a beer or two after. It’s always a good time and I get to meet and connect with so many fun people.
  • 8pm – clean up the studio for the night, close everything down, head upstairs for dinner. Walk Zoe.
  • 8:30pm – Epsom salt bath! By Friday night, my body is exhausted from the week – thankfully I don’t teach on Saturdays, so this is the time for my body to relax and recover.
  • 10pm – crawl into bed and fall asleep in a matter of seconds.

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you?

  •  I have a nail polish obsession but will only wear Essie – I currently have a collection of over 55 Essie shades.
  • I’ve had crazy odd jobs in the past ranging from racing pigs on a farm at a county fair to dressing up in Victorian garb and singing Christmas carols at big corporate holiday parties.
  • In college, I got to sing during Sunday mass at the Vatican.
  •  I average 15 spin classes a week now between teaching and taking them. I eat everything in sight and I’m still hungry ALL the time.
  • Besides spinning almost every day, I work out with a personal trainer twice a week (bonus: he’s very handsome and sleeps next to me every night).

Do you have any rituals/routines?

Honestly, I’m not one for routines. I never have been.  I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kinda girl.


What inspires you day to day?

People, ideas, the future.

How do you create?

From nothing.  I love creating from a completely blank slate – the possibilities are endless.

What can we find you daydreaming about?

The future; every aspect of it. and food. definitely food.


What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines?

Books: the fire starter sessions by Danielle Laporte.

Websites:  Refinery29, Etsy (I’m a sucker for handmade anything), and Pinterest.

Apps: Songza – I love that I can find new music based on my mood or what I’m doing.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

If you want something to happen, make it happen. Don’t waste your life waiting for it to happen to you.


What does opening upcycle mean to you?

Absolutely everything.  This place is everything I’ve ever dreamed of without even knowing it.  About a year ago, I was feeling really stuck at work and wrote a list of non-negotiables for my dream job.  Every single thing on that list has come to life at upcycle.  I inspire others every day, I connect with like-minded people, I create space for people to get creative and test out their own crazy ideas, I get to work out whenever I want, I get to bring my dog to work with me and I get to learn and grow every single day.

This experience has taught me so much about not only starting up a business, but about myself, too.  Of course I’ve had those moments that everyone has when starting a business – the “am I doing the right thing?”  “Holy crap, I’m not going to have a steady income at all”, “what if I fail?”… “But darling, what if you fly?”

What’s in your coffee cup?

Daily: black coffee. The darker the better.

When I want to indulge: mocha latte with coconut milk.


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