8 Ways to Live the Simple Life


  1. Go somewhere and don’t tell anyone. Ever. We live in a society where we take pictures of our food, every experience we have and post it instantly online. I’m guilty! But when was the last time you experienced something truly for and by yourself? Put the phone in your glove compartment, drive somewhere adventurous, get curious and explore. And don’t tell the world about it. I want to live my life; not record it.” Jackie Onassis
  2. Limit tv. Read, play with your children/nieces/nephews, paint, make an elaborate meal, learn, explore. Find something else to do besides the tv.
  3. Speaking of reading. Hide your kindle and get the real deal paper and ink. Let the pages fold, rip and crease, grab a pen and make notes in the blank spaces, let it live and let it be raw. That is what reading is all about.
  4. Respect boredom. Everyone is always so dang busy and declares it like it’s a badge of honor. Busy is a trap. Busy is not honorable. Busy means you lack knowing what is and is not important. Clear your calendar for a day and do nothing. Get bored. Get really, bored. And see what comes up. I bet, almost without a doubt, it will spark creativity and inspiration like you’ve never experienced before.
  5. Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is so 2015. If you’re working on something, turn everything else off and just do that one thing for 15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done.
  6. Stop buying plastic. Fo’ real. And if you walk by trash outside, pick it up. Be kind to the world.
  7. Look up at the stars as often as you can. It will put everything right into perspective.
  8. In all ways possible, choose outdoors.

Soul Challenge for You

I have a challenge for you.sun

It’s a soul challenge.

It’s a challenge to find more connection, more tranquility, more pureness.

I need your commitment at this moment. So take a deep breath and say yes. It’s not your typical challenge, though the prize is worth more than you might ever dream of. The prize is awareness. It’s connection with the earth, with nature, with your loved ones. It’s peace and tranquility and unimaginable serenity. It’s the root of pure.

I challenge you to step away from your phone, from the internet, from the television and computer. Spend some good quality time just taking in the world through your very own eyes. There are amazing things we are missing, there are loved ones we are ignoring and there is pure sweetness in every breath that we are not even conscious of. See your world through your own eyes. Leave some memories that only you and the people you are with know about.

Can you do that?

Can you spend part of your day with pure, soul feeding connection to whoever you are with, even if you are with yourself? Everything else can wait. Everything else will be there for you when you are ready to go back to it. I promise.

Much Love,