New Year’s Buzz

As we approach 2015, I’m sure you will be inundated with “New Year, New You” programs, New Year’s resolutions and self-promises of change. Tis the season.

I do love this time of year though; there is a certain buzz in the air. A certain energy mixed of excitement, hope and enthusiasm for New Year success.

A turn of a new chapter, the start of a new page, a blank canvas for you to paint any color you choose.

Should you decide to start a new chapter come January 1st, I have complied a list of my top 6 blog posts that might help you with the process.

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It’s time for a new year and better you!

I am feeling so motivated today. 

I woke up this morning with my body feeling sore. A good sore. You know the kind a day after a really amazing workout? The kind that reminds you of all the hard work you put in.

I love that kind of sore. I crave it. It is what keeps me motivated to keep up with my fitness routine. 

You see, I don’t work out to lose weight. I could honestly care less about what the number on the scale is.  What I care about is feeling healthy, confident and energized.  I’m so over the days of feeling sluggish and exhausted, all I want now is energy!

Today I am inviting you to feel the same. 

10 Days to a Better You

Forget about the scale. Forget about becoming a “new you”.  Let’s focus on becoming a better you. 

It is time to allow yourself to feel confident, energized and happy.

I invite you to join the 10 Days to a Better You program

A program focused on kick starting the new year with a sense of accomplishment.  We will spend these ten days focusing on daily exercises and clean eating to fit into your everyday life.  No detoxing or dieting here. Just pure, honest fitness, food and fun. Yes, fun! Because building confidence and energy is exciting!

Find out all the details for this 10 Day program here

Let’s start the new year with a bang. Take action today!

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