Social Media Detox


I’ve been MIA these past three months as I entered into an unplanned social media detox.  You know when you get to a point where everything annoys you and you just need a break?  That was me three months ago.  And really, who want’s to be annoyed every day?  So I deleted Facebook, WordPress and Twitter from my iPhone and I didn’t even miss it.

The detox was refreshing.

And it allowed me to get clear on how I wanted to use Social Media for my business in the future.

So here is your bonjour b. tip // What can you detox from in your life?  What are you starting to find annoying and irritating?

I didn’t have an end day in mind, I didn’t know if I’d even come back. But today I felt I was ready to jump back in and get the party started…(again).  Today I felt inspired and energized.

So cheers to that!