61Sun Salutation Clinic

Sunday, Dec 1st 10:45-11:45am @ New Moon Hot Yoga

Feeling confused about Sun Salutations, Chaturangas or Vinyasas? This is for you! We will break down the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) which is the foundation of vinyasa style classes. The Sun Salutation is a series of poses designed to prepare for a deeper practice. In this clinic, we will break down each asana (pose) as well as focus on the transitions in between. We will explore safe and proper alignment and different variations/modifications. You will leave having a better understanding of how to flow through Sun Salutations with ease and grace. Perfect for beginners!


Season Reset – Winterfullsizerender

Sunday, Dec 22nd 3:00-5:00pm @ New Moon Hot Yoga

A time to prepare and set intentions for the new season ahead. This class will begin with breath, then transition into movement before ending with meditation and closing in savasana. Though the structure of each class will be the same, the segments will be different depending on the season. All levels welcome.

Winter – Stillness
Winter is a time to go inward, find stillness and reflect. We will start with a deep, warming breath leading into a cozy yin practice. We will close with a meditation geared towards reflection and tranquility.